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On-chip Biotechnologies, incorporated in 2005, is the first company in the world to launch a microfluidic chip-based cell sorter on the market. Our microfluidic chip-based cell sorter, On-chip Sort, designed and manufactured in Japan, uses a disposable microfluidic chip as the core of its technology. Our microfluidic chips are manufactured with Japan’s outstanding high-precision plastic injection molding technology.

Flow cytometer is commonly used in the biomedical field for cell sorting. This allows cells of interest to be isolated from a heterogenous sample. Cells can be easily stained and passed through a cell sorter to be analysed or sorted, which is useful if the necessity is only sorting. In many cases where cells are used for further downstream analyses, researchers have noticed changes in their cells post-sorting (i.e., morphological changes, delayed cell growth, decrease in cell viability and alterations in gene expression). The post-sorting cell changes are a result of “sorter-induced cellular stress” (SICS).

SICS arose from the cell sorting technique used in most cell sorting systems known as Jet-in-air method. With this method, the use of high pressure for manipulation of sample, the large pressure differentials inside and outside the nozzle, the use of electric charges to deflect droplets into collection chamber, and high-speed collisions during collection, can all lead to SICS. Therefore, as a prevention for post-sorting cell changes with conventional cell sorter, we developed On-chip Sort. On-chip Sort employs a unique cell sorting mechanism to eliminate all the damaging steps involved in cell sorting on conventional sorters to significantly reduce SICS.

On-chip’s vision: To assist researchers in accelerating the world’s new discoveries in life science, drug development and diagnostics with On-chip Sort.

On-chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. CEO Masayuki Kobayashi


Company name On-chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd
President CEO Masayuki Kobayashi
Address 203 Venture Port, 2-24-16, Naka-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo, 184-0012, Japan
Phone/FAX Phone: +81-42-385-0461  FAX: +81-42-385-0462
E-mail info@on-chip.co.jp
Capital JPY100,000,000
Established April 1st 2005
Number of Staffs 20 staffs including 8 Doctorates (as of April 2020)
Board members CEO Masayuki Kobayashi, CTO Kazuo Takeda


Oct, 2003 Initiated development of chip-based cell sorter as part of Japan Science and Technology Agency’s pre-venture scheme
Apr, 2005 Established On-chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.
Feb, 2007 Procured 218,000,000 JPY through third-party allotment to 5 venture capital companies.
Oct, 2008 Procured 80,000,000 JPY by raising venture capital and issuing convertible bonds.
Oct, 2009 Released the world’s first microfluidic chip-based flow cytometer, Fishman-R.
Dec, 2009 Procured 93,000,000 JPY through third-party allotment to 2 venture capital companies.
Jun, 2010 Adopted as a developer of technologies and systems for realizing cancer molecules and gene diagnosis in blood by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.
Nov, 2011 Procured 101,000,000 JPY through third-party allotment to 3 venture capital companies.
Jun, 2012 Released the world’s first microfluidic chip-based cell sorter, On-chip Sort.
Oct, 2013 Procured 140,000,000 JPY through third-party allotment to 2 venture capital companies.
Nov, 2013 Procured 120,000,000 JPY from the Japan Finance Corporation with a capital loan and a loan with stock acquisition rights.
May, 2014 Adopted as Japan Medical Research and Development Organization’s “Development of cell manufacturing and processing systems for industrialization of regenerative medicine” by the shared development organization.
Dec, 2015 Procured 120,000,000 JPY through third-party allotment to 2 venture capital companies.
Jan, 2016 Procured 40,000,000 JPY from Japan Policy Finance Corporation with an equity loan.
Jan, 2018 Procured 408,000,000 JPY through third-party allotment to operating companies and venture capital companies.
Oct, 2018 Adopted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization as a research and development-type venture support business for inter-company start-ups.
Jun, 2019 Procured 400,000,000 JPY through third-part allotment to operating companies.
Established our subsidiary “On-chip Biotechnologies (USA) Co., Ltd.” in California, USA.


Aug, 200 Certified as “A pioneer in new business field” for On-chip Flow by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Dec, 2012 “Tama Blue Green Award” for On-chip Sort from Kanto Bureau of Economy Trade and Industry
Oct, 2013 “Tokyo Venture Technology Grand Price Excellence Award” for On-chip Sort
Mar, 2014 “Excellent Company Award” from Tokyo Shinkin Bank Association
Aug, 2016 Certified as “A pioneer in new business field” for On-chip SPiS by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Jun, 2019 Certified as “New export power consortium overseas development support” by JETRO
Oct, 2019 “Japan Healthcare Venture Summit 2019 Venture Award” from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan

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