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The world’s first microfluidic chip cell sorter

Damage-, contamination-­, and maintenance-free
Safe and high precision cell sorter with the world’s first microfluidic chip technology

Winner of Tokyo Venture Technologies Award 2013
Our microfluidic chip­-based cell sorter has the following advantages:

“Damage­-free” cell sorting

Cells are sorted by “flow shift” method within microfluidic channels, avoiding shear stresses, pressure changes, collisions, and strong electrostatic fields which might damage or alter the cells.


Microfluidic chip for sorting

Simple, sterile cell sorting with no cross-contamination

Because our sterilized microfluidic chips are disposable, cross-contamination between samples does not occur. It is small enough to fit inside a biosafety cabinet, with no generation of aerosols. This is an ideal solution for safe handling of biohazardous materials, where safety is paramount.

Sort cells in culture media

Run the sort with your preferred buffer: culture media, sea water and even oil.

Sample volume as low as 20 μL


On-chip Sort in a biosafety cabinet

Small sample volume (~20 μL) can be analyzed almost without dead volume. On-chip Sort is the most suitable instrument for the analysis and sorting of precious samples.

Maintenance-free and easy to use

Maintenance of On­-Chip Sort is easy. Fluids never gets in contact with the instrument, so no cleanup is required. On-chip Sort is easy to operate and does not require hours of training.

Supports 6 fluorescence channels with high sensitivity

Laser set up

Up to three lasers from Blue (primary 488nm), Red (637nm), Violet (405nm) and Green (561nm) lasers can be installed. The system has sensitivity FITC<200 MESF despite using a disposable chip as the flow cell. It has 6 fluorescence detectors and 2 scatters (forward and side).

Catalog List

On-chip Sort

Product Name Catalog Number Lasers Fluorescence Detectors
On-chip Sort HS 362S3001 Blue Red Violet 445/20nm, 543/22nm, 591.5/43nm, 676/37nm, 716/40nm, 775/46nm
On-chip Sort HSG 362S3001G Blue Green Violet 445/20nm, 543/22nm, 607/36nm, 676/37nm, 716/40nm, 775/46nm
On-chip Sort HSGR 362S3001GR Blue Green Red 445/20nm, 543/22nm, 607/36nm, 676/37nm, 716/40nm, 775/46nm
On-chip Sort MS6 262S3001 Blue Violet 445/20nm, 543/22nm, 591.5/43nm, 676/37nm, 716/40nm, 775/46nm
On-chip Sort MS5 252S3001 Blue Red 445/20nm, 543/22nm, 591.5/43nm, 676/37nm, 716/40nm, 775/46nm
On-chip Sort MS5G 252S3001G Blue Green 543/22nm, 607/36nm, 676/37nm, 716/40nm, 775/46nm
On-chip Sort LS5 152S3001 Blue 543/22nm, 591.5/43nm, 676/37nm, 716/40nm, 775/46nm


On-chip Sort

Laser Up to 3 lasers from 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 637nm
Measurement parameters Forward scatter (FSC), Side scatter (SSC), 6 fluorescence
Size sensitivity FSC < 0.5μm, SSC < 1.0 μm
Fluorescence sensitivity < 200 MESF FITC
Data resolution 4 decades, 18 bit ADC
Pulse analysis Height, Area, Width
Detection wavelength FL1(445/20 nm), FL2(543/22 nm), FL3(591.5/43 nm)
FL4(676/37 nm), FL5(716/40 nm), FL6(775/46 nm)
Flow cell Disposable microfluidic chip
Chip Material Plastic
Channel size 80 μm × 80 μm or 150 μm × 150 μm
Flow speed 500 mm/sec
Sheath fluid Any media except organic solvents
Sample volume 20-1,000 μL
Sheath volume 4-9 mL
Analysis and Sorting
Sorting mechanism “Flow shift” method using pulse flow
Purity > 95% (depends on concentration)
Yield > 80% (depends on condition)
Cell damage No
Cross-contamination free Yes, because of the disposable chip
Aseptic sorting Yes
Pressure 0.3-3.0 psi
Maximum detection speed 4,000 events/sec
Maximum sorting speed 1,000 targets/sec
Start-up 5 minutes
Shut-down 10 seconds (no cleaning necessary)
Generation of aerosol No
Size and Weight
Size (W×H×D, mm) 620 × 330 × 390
Weight 45 kg
Operating PC
PC and Software Laptop PC
OS Windows, 64 bit
Data format Own format and FCS3.0
Power requirements 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption < 240 VA
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