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CYTO 2018 (April 28-May 2 @ Prague, Czech Republic)
ISSCR 2018 (June 20-23 @ Melbourne, Australia)


Cell Sorter On a Chip

The world’s first On-chip Cell Sorter, using microfluidic chips.
Unlike a conventional cell sorter or flow cytometer, all fluids remain on a sterile and disposable microfluidic chip.

Thus, On-chip cell sorter provides

  • Damage free sorting on cells
  • Cross-contamination free cell sorting
  • High recovery of rare cells
  • Wide selection of sheath fluids from culture media to oil

  • On-chip Sort: The flow cytometer solved the existing cell sorting problems

    Cell sorting has been utilized in various scientific disciplines, such as life sciences, regenerative medicine, immunology, and drug discovery. Cell sorters capable of analyzing and sorting certain cell types have been commercially available since the early 1970s. Since then, many cell sorters have been developed. But these sorters cause cell damage during the sorting process, are prone to cross-contamination, and are not able to sort cells in sterile conditions. On-chip Biotechnologies Co., Ltd., has solved this challenge using On-chip Sort; our disposable microfluidic chip-based sorter.

    The microfluidic cell sorter not only resolved the inherent issues of the conventional sorters, but also enabled analysis/sorting of cells suspended in culture medium and emulsion droplets suspended in oil.

    On-chip Droplet Generator allows for simple and monodisperse emulsion production.

    On-chip SPiS for dispensing of single or specified number of cells/cluster of cells into wells of multi titer plate is now available!


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    Introduction of On-chip Sort and cell sorting mechanism

    As a result of uniting micro fluidic technology and the molding technique of a micro channel with FCM technology, the innovative flow cytometer/cell sorter were developed. In the conventional sorter, a lot of cells are thrown away as waste fluid during the time of a condition setup or sorting. And severe damage were given to a cell by electric charge, the collision, etc.
    The cell sorter of our company is the equipment which solved these subjects.

    Detection and collection of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) using On-chip Sort

    A small number of cells that are circulating around the blood system of cancer patients are called Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), and they are considered as the cause of metastasis. By the features that allows for measurement of the whole sample volume in contamination-free manner, On-chip Sort enables accurate counting and sorting of CTCs. For example, confirmation for the presence of target molecule on the tumor cells is necessary for selecting anti-cancer drugs, but biopsy cannot be performed frequently due to its highly invasive nature. Collection of tumor cells from peripheral blood will become the alternative to biopsy, and the selection for optimal molecular target anti-cancer agent can be realized.

    Droplet generation using On-chip Droplet generator

    Features of “On-chip Droplet Generator” are as follows.

    1)Generate uniform and stable droplets
    2) Size adjustment by pressure regulation
    3) Monitor generated droplets using microscope unit