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Press Release

The latest press releases of On-chip Biotechnologies are listed below.

New video with Biocompare: Bench Tip – Improve the Quality of your Sorted Cells with Microfluidic Technology

In collaboration with Biocompare, our Bench Tips video on “Improving the quality of your sorted cells with microfluidic […]

Global Expansion of the World’s First Damage-Free Microfluidic Chip Cell Sorter With PHCNA

We are proud to announce a new partnership with PHC Corporation of North America (PHCNA). PHCNA will be distributing and […]

Our website had a makeover!

Our website had a complete makeover! We strive to be better to provide the best support possible. Please do not hesitate […]

Our new applications video is released!

New video explaining a few of our applications is released! You can view the videos below. This video was created with t […]

Our SNS pages are now LIVE

On-chip Biotechnologies’s SNS pages are now live! You can access those pages by clicking on the icons displayed at […]

Our promotional video is finally here!

Our promotional video is finally here! The video will tell you everything about our microfluidic cell sorter, On-chip So […]

We are now listed on Biocompare

Our products, On-chip Sort and On-chip SPiS, are now listed on Biocompare website. On-chip Sort https://www.biocompare.c […]

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