List of conferences for 2020/2021 - Microfluidic Chip-Based Gentle Cell Sorter, Single Cell & Cluster Dispenser | On-chip Bio

List of conferences for 2020/2021

Due to the world-wide pandemic of COVID-19, many of the conferences On-chip intended on attending have been cancelled.
Here are the list of conferences that we are attending for the year 2020 and early 2021.

SEFCIG: Feb 13-14, Mobile, AL
OceanScience: Feb 18-20, San Diego, CA
ABRF: Mar 1-3, Palm Springs, CA
MetroFlow Corporate Member Seminar Series: May 11-15, Virtual
CYTO: Aug 4-6, Virtual
MetroFlow: Oct 22, Union, NJ
Cell Biology: Dec 6-8, Philadelphia, PA
SLAS2021: Jan 23-27, San Diego, CA
ABRF2021: Mar 7-10, Boston, MA

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