ACCESSORIES - Microfluidic Chip-Based Gentle Cell Sorter, Single Cell & Cluster Dispenser | On-chip Bio


One set of accessories for On-chip Sort are included at the time of purchase, but those can be separately purchased.

Product Name Product Descriptions
Chip Holder (Large Capacity)
Catalog Number: 42002
Chip holder for On-chip Sort.
Chip holder is autoclavable to maintain sterility.
Having multiple chip holders will increase the working efficiency.
Silicone gasket for Chip Holder (Large Capacity)
Catalog Number: 42005
A silicone gasket placed inside the chip holder for air-tight enclosure.
Gasket for Pressure Control Unit (5 parts)
Catalog Number:40026
Ring silicone gaskets to prevent air leakage between pressure control unit and chip holder.
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